Bring Your Own Beverage

Let’s make a deal. We’ll concentrate on the food—the locally sourced ingredients, the worldwide flavors, and the handmade sauces—and you can bring the booze. The way we see it here at The Spot, we spend all of our time on our food—crafting flavors, creating fresh dishes, and pouring our hearts into our masterpieces, that it just wouldn’t be fair to our customers to limit the experience with a limited selection of alcoholic beverages.

We encourage customers to bring their absolute favorite drinks from around the world to pair with our American Fusion Comfort Food. Whether its Magnify Brewing Co.’s newest summer IPA, or your wine club’s monthly red, we’re sure that your favorite drinks and our delicious food will hit The Spot.

Call it a Craft Beer Movement

Beer and burgers are perfect for each other. Why limit that love to a selection only we carry? We think it’s just plain criminal to offer one of the best burgers in town without allowing you the freedom to bring in your favorite drink to pair with it.

The Spot supports the #shoplocal movement, and we don’t discriminate between farmer’s market veggies or new microbreweries. We support or craftily brewed counterparts, so bring them in and pop open your favorite cold ones with your friends, we’ll take care of the rest.

BYOB for Every Occasion

Are you and your girls in the mood for brunch? Bring in your favorite bottle of champagne for mimosas! Wine of the month, microbreweries, even home brews, we want you to bring in your beverages!

Listen, we know all about food. We can pair flavors from around the world all day if you’d like, but when it comes to drinks, why limit the possibilities? We didn’t see why, either.

BYOB for brunch, lunch, dinner, and late night. We’ll welcome you and your beverages with open arms—and bottle openers.