The Spot Delivers!

Some days you’re ready to conquer the world, other days you refuse to put on pants. It’s all about balance, and we embrace both sides of the coin—which is why we have in-house delivery drivers ready and available at your service.

You heard us. There’s no need to spend an hour getting ready when you’d rather just Netflix and Chill. So, call us up, order directly online at our website, or find us on GrubHub and Yelp. Order on your channel of choice, sit back, relax, and enjoy the comfort of your own home. We’ll be there soon, with drink/food in hand. No shirt, no shoes, no problem.

Late Night Food Cravings Delivered

When it comes to food delivery in Montclair, NJ, we don’t play around. We deliver all the way up to thirty minutes before closing, which means Gluten Free Lobster Mac N Cheese with Lemon Pepper chicken wings at midnight on a Thursday is a thing…Not to mention the fact that we have no limits on brunch—if the Chicken and Waffles is calling your name after the bar this weekend, we’re The Spot for you.

The Perks of Food Delivery at The Spot

As if making the best American Fusion food in Montclair, NJ deliverable isn’t enough, we’ve also waived the delivery charge. We’ll gather up our locally sourced ingredients, hand-make the sauces, and create your order from scratch and deliver it to your doorstep for nothing more than a $20 minimum purchase. No extra delivery fees or pick-up necessary.

You find the movies, we’ll take care of the food. Our high-grade packaging not only ensures fresh, fast, and HOT food delivered directly to you, but is also eco-friendly and recyclable. Save the world one meal at a time.