Who is The Spot?

Hey there, The Spot here—as in food that hits The Spot. We’re a local food joint that specializes in healthy comfort food. Yes, you heard us correctly, ‘healthy,’ and ‘comfort food,’ all in the same sentence. How, you ask? Well, it all started with Cassandra Fishkin, who was frustrated by the limited Gluten Free restaurant options, and the generally unhealthy (albeit delicious) approach that many restaurants take when cooking their food.

So, Cassandra took it upon herself to create a healthy menu with fresh ingredients, without compromising any of the flavor. We aren’t the vegan place around the corner trying to pass off tofu for burgers, and we certainly don’t serve rabbit food. Leave your opinions and prejudices at the door, because The Spot is all about breaking the rules—late night snacks, all day breakfast, BYOB, and gluten-free, all in the same Spot (cheesy pun intended).

Great Food, period.

We aren’t just the best healthy restaurant in town, we’re the best restaurant in town. Period. We’re proud to say that we’ve got the best brunch in Montclair, NJ, and we’re healthy about it… We challenge you to compare our made-to-order omelets and famous pancakes to any other brunch in town and see who wins. Heck, we’ll even throw down the gauntlet to any brunch in New Jersey.

We’re the type of restaurant that’s healthy and indulgent. We’ve got real food, serious flavor, and an entire gluten free menu that’s equally indulgent, so there’s no shame in ordering the White Truffle Mac N Cheese, or the Jala’ Jack Burger. Our ingredients are real, and our flavors are international. We put new spins on old favorites, and we’re proud to do it all with healthy, fresh ingredients.

Welcome to The Spot Blog

We’re here to tell you about The Spot! Events, Specials, Happy Hours, Featured Menu items—the works. Except our recipes. Those are off-limits.

…Hey, you can’t be this innovative in the food game and just go handing out the secret to success! But come in for healthy, gluten-free bites of deliciousness, and we’ve got you covered.

Stay Tuned!